The Daisy Hill Conservation Park comprises of 435 hectares in Division 3 and protects habitat for Koalas and wildlife. The Daisy Hill Koala Centre in the park set amongst the eucalypt trees includes a large Koala enclosure and is a valuable asset in Koala education.

It is important we as a local government play our part and support our cuddly friends in addressing the decline in Koala population across South East Queensland. Enhanced partnering with the Queensland State Government is a key component to improving Koala conservation locally.

Koalas are threatened by the loss of habitat, disease, car strikes and dog attacks. Conservation of the Koala is extremely important because illnesses such as caused by the bacteria, chlamydia can cause infertility and reduce the number of Koalas.

Koala conservation and habitat under my watch will be protected.

Part of this conservation is targeted investment in rehabilitation of habitat and the development of threat reduction measures which ultimately will result in Koala population sustainability.

What can we do ? – plant koala food trees, slow down and watch for Koalas crossing local streets and road particularly at night and keep dogs confined and restrained at night.

You can report injured or dead Koalas on the roadside to the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

As your Division 3 Councillor I will strongly support continued investment into the Daisy Hill Conservation Park and look at developing further strategies for Koala conservation.