Dave Beard
Putting YOU First

Dave has a strong determination to create a safer and better community for you to live in, which has motivated him to participate in a variety of local community organisations.

Dave’s Experience

Qualified Safety Certifier liaising with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Dave’s experience successfully working for the general public with Queensland’s building industry regulator as a State Government licenced pool safety inspector has given Dave knowledge of the relevant legislation and how Council and the State Government work together to assist our community.

Small Business Operator

Over the years Dave has successfully operated a number of Logan based small businesses and currently holds a Cert IV in Small Business Management. This basic real world business experience gives him a blueprint to assist in operating our Council efficiently while also ensuring it’s answerable to you, the resident.

Body Corporate & Property / Maintenance Management

Dave’s years of experience liaising with property owners, tenants and conducting body corporate meetings in organising Maintenance Programs and ensuring these were carried out by the body corporates (to benefit all) has given Dave experience liaising with the public and the real estate industry locally. Dave also brings this experience into Council to help people like you in dealing with Logan City Council.

Workplace, Health & Safety Industry

Dave has also been a Queensland government Workplace Health & Safety licence holder and also obtained a Cert IV in Work, Health & Safety. The experience of being a Workplace, Health & Safety Inspector in protecting people like you can only assist Dave in the position of Councillor.

Football Referee & Australian Open Tennis Umpire

Dave’s been appointed to referee numerous football games at junior and senior level since 2002 starting out in Logan. Before that he was appointed to officiate as an Umpire at nearly 10 Australian Open Tennis Championships. Dave’s ability to fairly judge football games and tennis matches ensures he has the strength and honesty to make the right calls in Council to benefit you as well as stand by his decision.

Australian Sports Commission Junior Coach & Local Youth Leader

For many years Dave has had the privilege of coaching many junior teams with much success and has felt blessed to be given the opportunity to provide motivation, inspiration and leadership to assist and develop the future leaders Logan needs. As a current holder of a Government blue card, Dave feels honoured to be afforded the trusted position to impart some of his vast knowledge of life skills to children, also through local churches and holiday clubs, to make better citizens. Isn’t that exactly what you’d expect of a youth leader and a footy coach?

It’s this same level of professional support, understanding and help you will get from Dave as your Division 3 Councillor. Vote for Dave on Saturday March 28.

Dave’s a real people person, he really cares and has compassion for YOU.
Dave will be focused on making our life a bit easier by helping YOU.
Dave will work with Council to create a better and safer community for YOU.
Dave’s ready to invest his heart and time into serving YOU.

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